• Image of Captain America #NEHSeyes LIMITED replica masterpieces
  • Image of Captain America #NEHSeyes LIMITED replica masterpieces

12in by 24in
Hand painted mixed media on canvas

Each one is hand painted and carry small differences in paint application so each collector has a unique version of the original.


Only 10 have been painted for this run and at this price.

Each one is signed and numbered

Each sold separately

Please allow 2 to weeks for delivery as shipments are delivered in waves because of extremely high purchasing traffic.


Shipping fees do not include possible fees at custom in your specific country. Shipping fees paid on the NEHS website cover the cost of physically packaging your parcel and shipping it out from a post office within the states. Once parcel leaves Florida we are not responsible for possible fees incurred at customs in the collector’s specific country. We apologize for any concerns or inconveniences obtained from this announcement.

All sales final